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“I have been feeling MUCH better this week! I feel like I am really turning a corner. Anxiety levels are better. I am using my free time more wisely with prayer, exercise and meditation. I am mostly positive and taking responsibility for my feelings while allowing others to do the same. For me, that has been the key. You are a wonderful, genuine person and I love and respect you tremendously. Thank you so much!”

~ Susan, Interior Designer *


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Hypnosis Center of Nashville has testimonials from happy, successful clients who’ve benefitted from our unique approaches. Not all hypnotists are created equal. If you were having heart surgery, would you want the highly skilled and highly trained surgeon, or would you hire the intern?

If you’re shopping for the cheapest hypnotist in town, keep shopping. Many hypnotists have a basic certification from a weekend training class. However, if you’re looking for a highly trained hypnotist with years of experience who continues their training, call Hypnosis Center of Nashville today!

“Hey Loretta!  The swim meet went really well.  Every race I was able to step up to the blocks with confidence.  My focus was controlled and it felt great.  I listened to the relaxation cd you gave me on the bus ride to the pool, and woke up feeling relaxed and ready to go.  Thank you for the words of advice.  It really did work.  Last night went so well.  I was able to control every bit of nervousness into positive energy.  I was proud of the way I controlled my nerves.  I have already noticed a very powerful effect in my every day thoughts.  When I was at practice yesterday I had one negative thought about false starting, and I was able to put it right in the back seat and control my thoughts.  I felt so powerful!  I just want to thank you for everything you've taught me.  You made a huge impact on me and my swimming.  I appreciate your support throughout my last few swim meets. I just want to say thanks again.” 

~ Carolyn, College Student, Swim Team *


“I have dropped 23 pounds!!!  You helped me every step of the way, even when I started feeling uncomfortable about being thin and receiving compliments.  You were there when I would sabotage, and taught me how to work through those times.  You helped me to overcome the pain and anger from being molested when I was a kid and all the baggage that came from that.  I used to hate myself and felt a lot of guilt and shame.  I also felt like I didn’t deserve happiness, love or being thin.  I finally love myself!  I deserve happiness!  I deserve love!  Thank you for the journey of this life-changing process!” 

~ Katlyn, Artist *


“Thank you again.  I have cleaned up my diet considerably, and have added more veggies and salads.  I feel much better already.  I have also begun doing cross fit classes and I feel that I’m getting stronger every day. My workouts are fantastic, and my diet is pretty great, as well.  I'm eating a salad now... Lol... I love the daily CD, and the mp3s are working as well.  I feel that I am on a path to greatness.  I love my new attitude and I think before I react nowadays. Thanks again...You rock!” 

~ Tim, Owner of Wine and Spirits Store *


“I had a breakthrough today!!  I went around the other group of people that I have a problem with and I fought off the anxiety!!!!  I looked people in the eye!!!  That felt so great!!!!  I felt the anxiety coming and I fought it off!!!  I am going to keep it up!  You don’t know how good this feels!!!” 

~  D.J., Office Worker *


“I am feeling much better.  I feel like a weight has been lifted, and it feels like all the anxiety I had about not being with my ex has left my mind.  When I think about her now, it doesn't give me the hurting feeling anymore. I can’t even explain to you how grateful I am for that.  I feel so much better about this whole situation.” 

~ Eddie, Carpenter *


“Work was fantastic and fun!!!  Really enjoyed working with you today and find myself in a much better state of mind.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!” 

~ Eric, Car Sales *


“I’m doing great, :), staying healthy, and down 10 lbs now.  I’m trying all kinds of new recipes.  I’m being a lot more positive and watching things in my life improve.  This is a little crazy for me.  I knew it would work.  I just didn't know it would feel like this.  It seems more like a lifestyle change instead of just a diet.  It's never felt like that before.  And I know that's the way it should be.  I'm in such a better mood lately.  Things just seem to fall into place.   As I go through the grocery store and pick out healthy items, I have a smirk on my face like I am in on some big secret now.  I feel so much better about myself, and I am proud to be giving my children more of what their bodies need.  This is already working like a charm.  I'm really enjoying my new healthy habits!  I can't thank you enough!” 

~ Frances, Licensed Massage Therapist *


“Thanks for seeing me.  I was so impressed with your session and totally exceeded my expectations, although I know you are an expert and that's why I chose you!  My mind is still spinning in a very positive way and I'm very optimistic on the outcomes you can help me achieve.” 

~ TK, Sales *


“Loretta, I've noticed I've been in a much more positive mood since our session!  I've just felt really good about myself, and haven't let anything negative take a toll on me. I just ate broccoli and snow peas with dinner!”  Allysa  [Had aversion to vegetables and healthy foods.] *


“Thank you so much!  I am pushing myself and it just keeps getting easier and easier.  I am more at peace and feeling more in charge than I have in years.  I have been using my imagination to go there and it has been awesome. I am doing and feeling great.  I haven't had any panic in weeks.  I can't tell you what a world of a difference you have made for me.  It's truly changed my life.  Thank you!” 

~ A.J. *


“I had my first race since the session yesterday and I am happy to report that I broke my previous personal record!” 

~ BB, High School Track Team *


“I am doing really, really well since we last spoke.  Still an amazing investment I made to come and see you.  I've never felt more at peace and less anxious in my daily life ever, and I'm more productive than I've ever been with music.” 

~ Ryan, Songwriter*


“Loretta, I wanted to let you know this is working wonders for my energy and sleep!  Thank you.” 

~ Mark G, IT Tech *


“Beyond amazed right now.  Thank you again for opening my eyes.” 

~ Maryam J., Interior Designer *


“My son told me that he thinks seeing his regular counselor and seeing you are helping him the most.  I thought I would pass that along to you as I also feel you are helping him!” 

~ J.W. *


“Much, much better!  Between the relaxation and sleeping much better, I am feeling more like myself than I have in months.”  ~ Heather *


“Thank you – I had a great session and felt so much better than when I arrived.  Today has been a good day.  You’re awesome, Loretta – I’m so glad that God led me to you for help.  You ROCK!!  Thank you! 

~ Michele T. *

“Hello Loretta, I wanted to thank you for another awesome session.  I feel so much better today! You reminded me of what is really important and gave me the tools to continue feeling like this.  I have joy in my heart – it feels good!  Also, I slept like a rock – haven’t done that in a couple of weeks.  That was really awesome of you – thank you for your support and wisdom.  I am so thankful to have met you. : ) ” 

~ M.T. *


“It went very well [getting in front of others to speak].  I was less nervous than most of the others.  Woo hoo!!!” 

~ Derek O. *


“Honestly, it is easier than I thought it was going to be as time passes.  And I have said that out loud to myself.  I can really smell the residue that smoking leaves on people and I thought it would make me want one, but it doesn't!  I have been pretty calm the last few days and am excited to get started exercising.  Thank you!” 

~ Kathy M. [smoked for 34 years] *


“I'm becoming more confident.  I just remember to breathe and I just start talking.  I'm doing it so much that sometimes I don't have time to get nervous or I don't think about it and I just say it.” 

~S. Davis [fear of public speaking and social situations] *


“Thanks Loretta, I can honestly say that I am calmer and more relaxed.  I am making some real progress.” 

~ Mike H. *


“Loretta, I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me.  The sessions truly set me free from a lot of pain, anger and guilt I have kept inside my whole life.  I was suicidal since the age of 12 to my forties.  Know that you have touched and changed my life.  :-) “  ~ G.P. *


“Loretta – everything went very well!  My blood pressure reading was the best in years!  Thanks for helping me.  It’s made a difference!” 

~ Kathy *


“Hey Loretta, I shot my career best round (69) today in the first round of the tournament!  I had a 15 footer to break 70 and I breathed away the nerves and drained the putt.  I played a lot better, played steady and didn't get ahead of myself.  I'm doing well and our team is in the lead going into the final round!  I played much more in control of my emotions.  I'm excited to keep working with you.  Thanks for your help again.” 

~ R.S., College Student, Golfer *


“It was extremely awesome working with Loretta. Her concern for my well-being was a tremendous help to my growth. I was going through a rough divorce, and the sessions always gave me a sense of relief. Her spirit and positive attitude made her so easy to talk to and work with. A great use of time and investment in myself.”

~ Clif M, Electrician *

“One year ago today I put down cigarettes for good. Thanks again for your help Loretta. You’re awesome.”

~ Jason S, Auto Technician *

“Almost 7 weeks ago I first visited Loretta in order for her to try to help me quit smoking. I haven’t smoked at all since my first visit. I previously smoked for years and tried many methods to help me quit, without success. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the experience has been very pleasant. Loretta was always supportive and even checked on me between sessions. I’m very excited. Plus, I haven’t gained weight or been ‘moody’. Thank you, Loretta!”

~ Jennifer M, Quality Engineer *

“Are you kidding me? It’s raining and I’m happy today? I’ve never been happy when it rains. What’s wrong with me?”

~ Jeff, Insurance Brokerage [suffered from painful divorce] *

“Since starting hypnosis, every area of my life has improved. It’s helped me deal with past emotional trauma, negative/self-destructive behavior, fear and anxiety, and my self-worth and confidence. Before hypnosis, I was prone to depression/self-doubt. I now know that I am capable of whatever I wish to achieve, am confident in myself and my abilities, and value myself and know that I deserve goodness and positive things in my life. I’ve learned to deal with emotional issues and past labels I had attached to myself subconsciously. It’s helped with performance anxiety, teaching me to have fun and play from the heart instead of a place of fear and self-doubt.”

~ Lindsey T, Cellist *

“Thank you. You’re amazing and I love that you can help me see how amazing I am. I feel much better. It already feels less stressful to allow, rather than to react with anger. Thanks again.”

~ Kat T, Artist/Waitress *

“I have been doing my self-hypnosis exercises, and I can tell a difference. Thanks, Loretta. You’re the best!”

~ Barry P, Dentist *

“I’m doing well. I’ve been in court 3 times since I saw you, and all 3 times have been fine. In fact, they’ve been fun. I’ve come away from each appearance feeling good about the experience and confident that ‘I can do this.’ As I’m standing in front of the judge, I realize I’m not nervous. I’m not even thinking about the other attorneys or whoever else is in court. I just did what I needed to do and was fine! Best feeling! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

~ Jennifer, Trial Attorney *

The interview went really well. I was offered a conditional position! Thanks for all your help!”

~ Clay, ER Medical Doctor [more confidence with public speaking and interviews] *

“Hey, just wanted to let you know that what you're doing to help John [friend and patient] working! Marie [assistant] and I noticed that he has a radiance and color in his face that's been absent for some time. God is great and so are you!”

~ Ron T, Chiropractor *

“My LSAT’s went really well. I was and am positive and confident about how I did. I focused really well and I was pleased about that.”

~ Tyler C, Law Student [helped with studying, focus and concentration] *

“Things are going very well, Loretta. It’s [the old fear] just not something I think about anymore. I have routinely checked my Blood Pressure without a problem!’

~ Kathy S, Regional Director of External Affairs *

“Jason here, lettin’ you know I’m now 13 weeks smoke-free. Can’t thank you enough for your help. :)”

~ Jason, Auto Technician *

“I have been feeling MUCH better this week! I feel like I am really turning a corner. Anxiety levels are better. I am using my free time more wisely with prayer, exercise and meditation. I am mostly positive and taking responsibility for my feelings while allowing others to do the same. For me, that has been the key. You are a wonderful, genuine person and I love and respect you tremendously. Thank you so much!”

~ Susan, Interior Designer *

“I was bulimic since I was a teenager. I haven’t binged and purged in more than 6 months! Before I tried hypnosis, I was on the verge of serious health issues. I tried all kinds of therapy and support groups for years, but I was still hating myself and beating myself up. Loretta not only made me feel special, but she taught me how to love and approve of myself. I learned how to appreciate and accept myself, just as I am. My self-esteem is wonderful, and I am living life to the fullest for the first time in my life. I can’t wait to make it to my one-year anniversary of my success!”

~ Cathy, Atlanta, GA *

“Loretta helped me to realize that my excessive worrying is not how I want to live my life. She also gave me the tools to keep worry and stress at bay in my everyday life.”

~ Barbara M, Executive Assistant *

“I have pretty much gotten over my acute fears of riding this horse. I believe I am past my worst fears. I appreciate your help. You were a catalyst on this part of my journey and it helped!”

~ Beth, Retired Nurse Practitioner *

“I feel excellent today! I had a pretty good Saturday and Sunday, as well.”

~ KM, Mechanical Engineer *

"I am pretty excited.”

~ Susan, Nurse [formerly a “skin picker”] *

“Loretta, just wanted you to know this was the first morning in a long time that I did not feel bad on my way to work. Thank you.”

~ Sherman, Accounting *

“I have learned to doubt my doubts. I have learned that I am capable, in this moment, in any moment, of choosing a thought that feels better. I have learned to recognize and reject my negative stories about myself. I’ve started believing that I have good qualities that are real and important, and are not just subsumed or erased by my flaws. I’ve learned that I don’t have to be perfect and it’s silly for me to try. I learned that my inner child [subconscious] was in the driver’s seat too often, and it was not a good fit. I’ve learned that being balanced and whole is within my grasp. I’ve learned how to focus when things get hard and thinking better thoughts so I can feel better, and to let things flow from there. I don’t have to analyze how or why. I can just enjoy trusting myself and going step by step towards what feels right for me.”

~ Dan D, NonProfit Administrator *

“I came to meet Loretta to find out if hypnosis could effectively change a destructive pattern of inner thoughts and beliefs I seemed powerless to change. I did not know what to expect. What I experienced was a direct interaction with this destructive thought system that allowed for a much deeper understanding of its creation. Working with Loretta I was able to eventually not attach myself to these destructive thoughts when they would arise, and instead replace them with the belief/thoughts that this part of me is truly craving. I feel much lighter as I go about life not attaching to the thoughts that brought much discomfort to me in my past, and this led to a keener understanding of myself and the freedom to choose what is true for me.”

~ Michael D, Business Owner *

“Loretta has helped me re-gain my freedom as a smoke-free person. I tried many times and many different aids to quit smoking, but failed every time. I had all but given up. My last try was hypnosis. Through Loretta’s guidance and techniques I was finally successful. She is one of the most supportive people I have ever met. It doesn’t stop with the hypnosis. She is there for you to support you and your new life. I totally and completely recommend Loretta to anyone looking to change their life and cease bad habits.”

~ Jason S, Auto Technician *

Results may vary*



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~ Loretta

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